Scott Moss: Shepherd, wool processor, dyer & spinner

Diesel, our ram
Our breeding ram, Diesel
Our sheep & chickens
Our sheep & chickens
Shades of Madder
Shades of red from one dye bath

My wife, Linda Moss, and I live on a smallholding in the High Peak district of England where we raise Shetland sheep and heritage breeds of chickens. I shear the sheep using a hand blade and then scour the fleece to remove dirt and oils. Some of the fleece is dyed using vegetable dyes and rest is left in natural Shetland colours which range from a deep, dark brown to white. The scoured fleece, both natural and dyed, is then combed and carded by hand, ready for colour blending and spinning. I produce both "colour gradient" and single-coloured yarns. The colours in both cases are frequently produced by blending different colours of fleece.

There are many different ways of processing wool from fleece-on-the-sheep to spun yarn. On this website, I describe how I get from the fleece-on-the-sheep to finished yarns with various characteristics. I try also to describe alternative approaches and the relative merits and limitations of each alternative. The menu at the top indicates the order in which each step in wool processing is taken. A video summarising the processes I use is to be found here.

Wool in the various stages of processing is widely available to buy from such sites as etsy and ravelry. I can also sell limited quantities of fleece, dyed and undyed combed tops or carded batts which I have already produced. I do enjoy working with spinners, weavers and crocheters to design colours, colour gradients and yarns with different characteristics. If you are interested, my contact details are here.